I have selected a few examples of my work to share with you.



Moving from one place to the other is not only a ‘life-event’ for you as a customer, but also considered a Moment of Truth for many businesses. It’s a moment for you as consumer to reconsider all your providers. 

KPN therefore asked us to map the current end-to-end AS IS moving experience for consumers to consequently design the ideal TO BE journey that will reduce churn, increase NPS and acquisition.  


Provided expertise

User research | Service design | CX strategy | UX design (conceptual)



We actively involved both customers as well as a multidisciplinary team  to shape and design the ideal customer journey. This journey was tailored to KPN’s context, challenge and ambition as the deliverables supported the team’s agile way of working. 

It did not only provide a holistic view across phases & channels, and by doing so, disciplines, it also helped the team to prioritise their workstreams by being challenged and enabled to balance both consumer as well as business value.



Aside from Customer Experience (CX), we notice an increasing demand in Employee Experience (EX) since more and more businesses start seeing that a good Customer Experience starts with a good Employee Experience. The same accounts for Schiphol Group.


Provided expertise

User research | Service design | EX strategy



We interviewed and co-created with over 40 employees, across different phases in their employee lifecycle, to get a good understanding of their current experience. We introduced a semi-structured interview technique that uses both open questions as well as carefully structured statements, based on Schiphol’s passenger & employee brand values, to trigger responses and deeper insights. 

All insights were then translated to key employee needs per life cycle phase and plotted on the brand values on the one hand and on the five established EX themes on the other. 

The resulting EX lifecycle informed the team where to improve, ranging from orientation to retirement, and how the different disciplines at Schiphol (IT, FM and HR) should realise this together.


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More information regarding this project can be read (in Dutch) on Essense’s blog. Click the button below to read more.



We helped Schiphol in defining and developing a customer experience vision for all touch-points of the entire passenger journey across digital and physical channels for Dutch leisure travellers.



User Research | Service Design | CX strategy & vision



Using a service safari and interviews at the airport we put existing insights and learnings from desk research into context and developed a holistic understanding of the ecosystem.

We then involved both the client-team and leisure passengers in co-creation sessions to validate customer insights and hypotheses and ideate commercial concept scenarios with them. The scenarios were clustered into three CX pillars: Guide Me, Relieve Me and Excite Me. 

After the CX strategy was defined, we then facilitated the marketing roadmap planning by balancing CX pillars and business objectives.


SDN 2017 nomination

This project was selected as finalist for the Global Service Design Award 2017 – Service Design. In case you want to read the full article, please click the button below to read more.



We supported PostNL with achieving a digital transformation of postal services from offline to online oriented. We focused both on consumers as well as small businesses.



User Research | Service Design | UX Design



We started with mapping out the entire customer experience by looking at all relevant channels: web, mobile, retail and logistics. This allowed us to design an integral postal service for both receiving and sending parcels and letters.

The customer journey map allowed us to illustrate the needs and tasks of all involved roles and design specific experience flows for them. I focused mainly on all retail touchpoints, meaning the retail system facing both retailer and visitors as well as the Parcel Machine (‘Pakket & Brief automaat’).

The resulting wireframes allowed us to redesign both the flow as well as the visual design of the PostNL Parcel Machine and the PostNL retail system.